Climb Everest Challenge

Run/Walk/Ride Any Time, Any Place!

Swim Team Dads (STDs)

Total Distance in Miles: 8,783.352 miles
Total Elevation: 582,575ft (177,569.0m)
Virtual Cycling Everest - Team Results: 2 Team Results
Virtual Hiking Everest - Team Results: 6 Team Results
Virtual Tri-Everest (Cycle, Run & Hike) - Team Results: 8 Team Results

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Group Members

Name Gender Age Location Total Distance in Miles Elevation Gain
Kevin W. Photos M 52 Reston, VA 33.66 miles 2,005ft (611.1m)
Alexander R. Photos M 47 Reston, VA 286.27 miles 16,213ft (4,941.8m)
Dave M. Photos M 52 Vienna, VA 539.764 miles 37,071ft (11,299.1m)
Dave K. Photos M 47 Herndon, VA 41.13 miles 10,968ft (3,343.0m)
Keith J. Photos M 49 herndon, VA 346.58 miles 30,542ft (9,309.3m)
Doug B. Photos M 53 Reston, VA 0 0
Todd B. Photos M 61 Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 1,013.51 miles 87,074ft (26,540.2m)
Traci W. Photos F 59 Reston, VA 521.67 miles 29,447ft (8,975.4m)
John V. Photos M 58 Ashburn, VA 713.19 miles 49,231ft (15,005.6m)
Kevin K. Photos M 49 Reston, VA 1,457.423 miles 78,835ft (24,028.8m)
Natalie T. Photos F 24 Herndon, VA 450.86 miles 32,182ft (9,809.1m)
Koen V. Photos M 52 Reston, VA 284.33 miles 25,583ft (7,797.7m)
John B. Photos M 51 Reston, VA 422.308 miles 31,970ft (9,744.4m)
Chris C. Photos M 61 Herndon, VA 562.583 miles 29,166ft (8,889.8m)
Steve K. Photos M 63 Herndon, VA 925.62 miles 38,828ft (11,834.8m)
Ian M. Photos M 45 Herndon, VA 248.96 miles 10,793ft (3,289.7m)
Keith D. Photos M 51 Reston, VA 684.654 miles 39,044ft (11,900.6m)
Darren J. Photos M 52 Seattle, WA 195.72 miles 31,620ft (9,637.8m)
T. J. R. Photos M 51 Reston, VA 55.12 miles 2,004ft (610.8m)

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